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Welcome to KanD Acres, Home of  K9Kompanions.  Our mission is to provide Healthy, Quality Pedigrees,, Outstanding Temperament AKC Registered Beagles raised with Love and Care, to be cherished as life long family companions.  

We do this by extensive Health testing and tracking, 70+% Champion in our Pedigrees, Best In Class Socialization and a great Place.  We believe our environment contributes to a well rounded pet.  When you are buying a new pet, we strongly encourage you to visit the facility in which they were raised.  

You are always welcome to visit us at K9Kompanions.

COVID-19 Update: If you are interested in a virtual tour, let us know and we can schedule an appointment.

Beagle Puppies For Sale
Welcome to KanD Acres
Beagle Puppies For Sale

As you come to our Farm, you will be greeted with a sign of Texas with our address.  Welcome to KanD Acres, Home of K9Kompanions.

This is the "Beagle Barn", where most of our Beagle's stay.  There are four pens that make up ~2,500 sq' (about the size of an average house).  It connects to our front yard, almost an acre, giving our Beags a spacious place to run.

Beagle Puppies For Sale
The Beagle Barn
Front Yard
Front Yard

This is our main yard, which most Beagles run.  It is almost an acre and spans across the front of our house and the pond.  It offers outstanding vistas for our Beagles viewing.


This is where we birth all our litters, it is just off our bedroom, where we can monitor young moms and their pups very closely.  We also use this as our Hospital.

KanD Acres (aka. Candy Acres)

Once you turn up our driveway, you will see an old barn, which was part of the original homestead (I wonder if they raised Beagles?).  Across the pond is our home.

Beagle Puppies For Sale
Inside the Beagle Barn

Inside the Beagle Barn is 200 sq' (about the size of a large bedroom), insulated, heated and cooled, with wrap-around porch for Beagling pleasure. 

Farm Yard
Farm Yard

This is our second largest yard, almost 1/2 acre.  The Beags enjoy running around the silos, chicken coop, and raised beds.

The Nursery

Once the pups are 3-4 weeks old, we move them to the Nursery.  This way they have much more room allowing the mom to take breaks as needed

... And the Beagles;

We are blessed to have an outstanding place where we can let them out so they can run the property.  Here are some shots of them exploring and playing around the Farm. Hope you enjoy as much as we do...

Our Family Farm


Please read and see more of our Family Farm


Available Pups

We will be having pups in July. If you are interested, please fill out the information under;"Contact Us"

Future Pups

We are expecting more litters in later in the year.



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