Our Process

  1. When we have pups available, we will solicit interest in order of
    the waiting list.

    • We provide a “Litter Blog”, with information on the mother,
      father, and general characteristics of the puppies

    • If you are interested, then we ask for $400 to reserve. 

      If you are not interested in a pup from that litter, you can stay on our wait list and will be offered pups from future litters. 

  2. If we will be transporting the puppy, we need to know by the fourth week after birth.  We can typically deliver to an airport in most areas of the US for $440.00.

  3. Around 4-5 weeks, we start the selection process offering based on the selection order above.

    • Typically, the selection process is pictures, videos and questions handled through email, we are very open to farm visits. 

    • Once you pick your pup, we put a colored collar on them so you can see them in the blog.

  4. At 6 weeks, we schedule times and send out calendar invites for pickup.  At this time, we request final payment as we cannot let pups go without cleared funds

  5. After 8-9 weeks the pups are ready to go home.