Our Pet Parents

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Weight: 26lbs

Height: 14.50"


Joey is very energetic and adventurous.  When he is out and about on the farm, he can’t seem to get enough of all the smells that are found here.  He is fun to watch run from here to there.  When he has had his fill, he enjoys lying down and just lazing in the sun, being a Beagle!  Being an AKC Champion, he is a beautiful Beagle with outstanding conformation.  He has an outstanding pedigree that truly compliments our breeding program.  We are very fortunate to have him as part of our family farm.


Weight: 26lbs

Height: 14.50"

Everheart has excellent conformation, coming from a long line of Champions, with his Sire, grandparents and great grandparents are also AKC Champions. He is a wonderful companion Beagle and pet, very laid back and easy going. Anywhere we are working around the farm, Everheart will be close beside. When we stop, there he is, ready for a quick pet. He is playful when around other dogs and is always ready for a back scratch.


Weight: 28lbs

Height: 14.00"

Elliot is a an AKC Champion.  He comes from a long line of Champions, with his Sire and Dam, grandparents and great grandparents are also AKC Champions.  His Materal Grandsire was the "Peoples Choice" Beagle of the year, multiple Group winner and BISS.  Elliott's Dam is also a multiple Group placer.  His paternal Grand Dam was out of litter of 5 champions.  He has a lot of show attitude and free stacks in the show ring.  He has a big side gait and enjoys the show with not a shy bone in his body. Beyond his Champion Bloodlines, he is a wonderful pet.  He loves playing with the other dogs, enjoys tracking down scents around the farm and ocassionally likes to give the ducks and squirrels a run for their money. 


Weight: 23lbs

Height: 13.25"


Sadie is one of the absolute nicest looking Beagles we have.  Her conformation (how well they conform to breed standard) is impeccable, her head, body, tail, overall structure is, just wow!  To top that off, there is nothing but Champions in her lineage and with grandparents, related to both Miss P and Uno (Westminster Champions in 2015 and 2008).  Beyond her show strength, she is a warm and cuddly Beagle.  Her sense of smell is very strong and can only be overcome by the infamous hot dog, but once that bond is established, she is yours forever.

Weight: 20lbs

Height: 13.0"


Sarah is a true 13” (measuring just under 13inches) Beagle. She has outstanding conformation (how well they conform to breed standard). Being a 13”, she comes in a smaller package. Being Sadie’s sister, she has significant AKC Champions in her lineage. She has strong show potential. Her personality is just a little “Miss Priss”, very prancing. She is what I call, “our cheerleader”, because she has that personality.

Weight: 22lbs

Height: 13.75"


Erika being AKC sired has good conformation (how well they conform to breed standard). Her mom is Emmie, which we just love her line. They all have good conformation and what we think are some of the best personalities, making her a great companion Beagle. Erika loves running and checking out the farm. One of her favorite places is our brush pile, which has made home for several rabbits. When the day is done, she enjoys sitting with the family relaxing.Add Details here

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