It is not a favorable notion to think your pet will be lost, but the truth is about one in every three dogs go missing at some point in their lifetimes. While a collar and tag are the single best thing to have for pet identification, sometimes these can be lost or worse, removed.


Microchips offer a safe, permanent means of identification.  If your pet is microchipped, the chances of your pet returning increase dramatically!


A microchip can be implanted between the shoulder blades of your pet and is only 0.5” long and weighs only 0.0004 ounces.  Microchips are made out of a safe, inert medical grade substance and pose little more health risk than routine vaccinations. 


We offer AKC Reunite with lifetime enrollment (no annual fees) in their Recovery Service.  AKC Reunite provides an ISO (International Standard Organization) compliant microchip designed especially for dogs.  ISO microchips are becoming increasingly popular and are recommended for pets that will be traveling outside the United States.


The cost for AKC Reunite Microchip + Lifetime Recovery Service = $55.50/ puppy.  If you are interested in this service, please let us know and we will ensure your pet has this valueable identification.